small business idea

small business idea


Nowadays, we are having more and more opportunities to make our dream come true, especially in business. With the development of international network, many good business ideas have succeeded in the reality. Good business ideas don’t need to be huge, glorious or unique, just a small business idea can make a mark if the founder knows exactly the answers for 2 questions: What?/How?. Below, we are recommending some ideas for the ones who want to start a business but still don’t know what to invest.

1. Selling products online

Along with the development of technology, on average one Vietnamese daily spend 4 hours to surf Facebook and social networking site. So social networking has become an extremely effective and economical online selling place, especially online clothing. Actually, you have at least once purchased on Facebook? Or see a relative shopping on the social network right?

That’s the trend. With about 10 million, you can import a variety of fashion, cosmetics, etc and sell on Facebook. Here are some suggestions for you to this small business idea:

* Uniform: Selling uniforms, you will not need many guests. Sometimes just one guest is enough, because they can buy several dozen sets. Therefore, the business of this item is more “leisure” than other items. Even, sometimes you do not need to open your salon, just a web site is finished. Another advantage is that you do not need to print and sew clothes of this type. You just have to design it, then take orders and bring to the workshop because they are finished. This is quite good a small business idea if you want to try it out.

* Cosmetics: This is a small business idea that many women choose. Wow, what’s more fun than selling your favorite item? I asked many women, “If you have to do business now, what would you do? Unsurprisingly, almost 100% of respondents said they would sell cosmetics. The profit from selling cosmetics is quite high. Especially this is a very potential item with the market never falling, especially when the income of women is getting higher and higher. When dealing in this item, be very careful about the origin of cosmetics.

2. Travel agency

If you have a huge passion with travelling, this small business idea will be your best choice. The principles of running a travel agency are based on your experience and negotiation skills. How does this model work? You will hunt for the best-price flight tickets to some popular destinations in your country or in your neighborhood countries. After that, you need to travel to this place and find the most attractive homestay or hotel to set partnership with them. It depends on your experience to find the most beautiful and convenient place with the best price by negotiating with the owner.

Afterwards, you can create travelling packages with flight tickets and accommodations or some other services for your customers. During this phrase, promotion will be very important to attract more customers and spread your branch wider. This small business idea was already applied in many countries and has gained such a huge amount of profit, which made this owner become popular as travelling blogger.

So, what should you do now to start your own travel agency? Spend more time travelling and investigating about the famous destinations with different features and enlarge your network with people there. The success of this model comes from all your experience and passion for travelling.

3. Online psychological counseling

Whether you recognize it or not, stress is invading every corner of life. And the need for “psychological counseling” has never been as great as it is today. The need for counseling extends almost all areas, from marriage counseling – family, information to psychological – gender, legal… In the US, one of the most developed industry in the world, the demand for “psychological counseling” is so high that they have created many counseling firms, especially in large cities like New York, Washington DC, etc. However, realizing the problem from the lack of time, many entrepreneurs have developed this small business idea with online channels to save time and resources.

The market for this business type is very large and diverse, mostly teenagers and women at the ages of 25 to 40 who have to suffer from pressure in daily life from studying and working. The cost is very high, but demand is still excess supply. If you already had experiences and studied in this field, you can start to think about this small business idea.

4. Online housing and furniture design

The key here is ONLINE. Because the price of online service is much cheaper, customers will feel more affordable. Have you ever hired an architect? How much? I know, of course, the cost will be high. At high cost, customers hesitate to rent. Therefore, online architects become a perfect choice. Moreover, by doing online, an architect in any place can freely accept projects in the other area, or even anywhere in the US. You can even get 10 projects at the same time. Just with a laptop and a seat in the cafe, you have become the owner of an online architecture company.

In this modern and non-stop-changing life, good business ideas can easily become successful if you know where to invest your money and grow your ideas. Opportunity is spread equally to everyone, just need you to grab and make it glorious. He who sees through life and death will meet most success, so don’t hesitate to start your small business idea right now.